Are you looking for a excellent dark thriller to read? We have both digital and paperbacks available.   I write multiple genres, some of what I write are: thrillers, dystopian, action adventure, mystery, horror, science fiction and fantasy.
I love the fictional world for the very reason that I can write about almost anything I want, some subjects I like to write about are: ghosts and spirits, angels, elves, fairies, were wolves, vampires, shapeshifter, witches and aliens and so much more. My favourite though has to be dark  gothic horror, psychological thrillers and crazy twisted nightmare storylines. I have a load of fun writing psychological crime thrillers like Dear Jack and have so many planned for the future.
My books are available in Kindle, Ebooks, and Paperback. You can find them on this site but are also availabe on amazon and any bookstore through Ingramsparks. I have put links below where we can get you digital copies of my books by Pay Pal for those who do not have a card. 
I have so many books series planned for the future, some are sweet romance thrillers and others are dark.  Here are some types that will be available to you:
Paranormal thriller
Dark horror
Romance thrillers
paranormal horror
dystopian disaster
apocalyptic literature
psychological horror
psychological thriller
Sci fi horror
crime and murder
twisted horror
crime thriller
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Macneill Creations

On this site you can find both my books and my merchandise. If you scroll through the different pages there is a little of everything for everyone. 
Below is a coffee mug, if you click it you will be taken to Bublish where you will get to see my excerpts and have author insight about them. There's a place to purchase books through pay-pal, personal pictures, comics and merchandise photos.
Any books that are on the market will be on my book page, if you just follow the menu you cannot fail. There is even a page about me if you are curious.

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The Darkest Side of the Moon

Free chapter

Thank you Pixabay for providing so many awesome free pictures for covers and marketing. <3
The Crack of Evil
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Dear Jack
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