Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let you know I am constantly working hard to get new books out to you. If you are looking for the sequel to a specific book, don't be shy. Let me know! I write so you can escape into a new world!

The Darkest Side of the Moon


Charlie is just an ordinary girl, or is she? She lives in the city with her best friends, where mysterious murders keep happening and people keep disappearing without a trace. Planes are falling from the sky and trains are derailing. The people are oblivious to what is happening, even the police are left clueless. The city believes it's a serial killer, but others believe it's terrorism. No one actually knows just how widespread it is, though it's everyone's worst nightmare. 

How would you feel if life as you knew it faded away or turned out it was just a lie? The world has their eyes open, yet no one sees the truth. Not Charlie, her eyes are wide open, and she sees it all!

The Crack of Evil

Brandy moved to New York three months ago, and is living in an apartment with Cindy, Derek and Ben. They are young and life is exciting. Things should be easy. Their apartment is old and haunted, leaving it a little on the creepy side. The landlord says it has history and history creates character, but how much character does one apartment need? The foursome decide to throw a party, something small and quaint. On the day of the party, they pull out an Ouija board, to see who has been causing trouble. Satisfied, they move forward with their plans. 

A storm brews outside the windows, but this storm is different. It’s Friday night, the music is up and the guests have arrived. There are extra guests, but who invited them? Derek and the girls discover the spirits have invited themselves, but Ben, the sceptic, doesn’t believe them—until nobody gets to leave.

A deranged murderer and his killer mistress like to play with their prey, before the kill. A night of psychological games and murderous intentions lead these friends down a dark path.

Dear Jack

He met her in high school, fell in love and they’d been together ever since. Life had been perfect, he had the kind of life every man dreamed of; the perfect wife, a great job and a foreseeable retirement. That was until the day he came across a letter addressed, ‘Dear Jack’.

Now he watches as the perfect marriage, job and life gets thrown into hell. A twisted stalker, spilt blood, desperate measures in desperate times. Who holds the secrets and who is telling lies? It’s a fight between good and evil, who will win? 


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