The Passing Shadows of Doomsday


Without a single warning sign the apocalypse hit and now she is trapped there without any hope. Her only friend is a stranger she met by chance. Her father was a survivalist and thankfully provided for her but now with him gone she wasn't sure how to proceed. The two learn of secrets and lies that could lead them on the right path but it could  also get them killed. Now they must deal with the huge struggle thrown at them that is not only dangerous but effected by time.  Together they try to save the world from what's to come, and just when you thought it couldn't get worse the battle begins.


Katherine is on the run, she has the whole town backing her. She is beautiful and smart and ready to protect her family from the hidden dangers. She knows it's coming and is prepared, but who's protecting her heart?

The Curse of the Wind Walkers
She turns 18 tomorrow and is sure it will be nothing but an ordinary day. Life has other plans for Akita, tomorrow is the start of a whole new life, new world and her destiny.
Akita and others travel the universe, with a destiny that was chosen for her, that will not only blow her away but find her the love she never knew existed.
The Whispers Through Light and Dark
(This is book 2, to understand what's happening you must read book 1.)
Charlie and Nick are away celebrating their anniversary, what could possibly go wrong?
A threat against humanity, a contract out on your very life?
Join them as the group cmes together to once again save the world.
The Missing pieces of Teravaza
The local game show is holding a competition, it's all about survival. People are coming from all directions to join, those who win leave with 1 million dollars. They just need to spend 6 months on the island and survive, simple? This sounds like an easy task to most but what is it they don't know? No rules were given and all they were supplied was a simple crate and a whole lot of nightmares. What if you were face to face with death, would it be worth it?
My Life as a Writer
This is a biography of the Ins and outs and the path I traveled to get where I am today.


This is a story about  a young female leader living in a dystopian world. It's 5 years after the government has gone to shits and she is left holding her life and the lives of hundreds in the palm of her hands. One wrong move and they all perish. Her moral compass is on but it's starting to fade, death has become a reality of the life they lead and murder a close second. 

    In this book it not only tests her strength, but it shows her devotion for humanity, the dept of her love and it tests her faith which she let go of years ago. Will there be an end to the ruthless war or is it her destiny? Maybe the heavens have more in store for this relentless woman than she ever knew. Can she accomplish what she needs to do or is it too late?

A Race Through Hell
A love no one can break
A battle between good and evil
A death that leads to life
A fight for survival that could go either way
Driven to survive, they race against time. Only to find secrets and lies that can not only destroy their lives but the world.
From My Heart To Yours
A collection of poetry that will draw your emotions out to the surface and paint pictures throuh out your mind.

The Secret Diary of Morris Jones

This book is a humorous look at the life of a sociopath, when he sees his world as perfect, but everything else is flawed. It's filled with laughter, anger and confusion and will make you shake your head.

Sinister Heights

An typical day
In an ordinary world
Until danger rises
And hearts go cold
A race against time
Only to discover a
Dark secret
Just when you think you're safe
Darkness falls
Halloween special
Book 2 of the Dear Jack series ~ continual of book 1
Coming soon...
Book 2 of the Sisinster series ~ continual of book 1
Coming soon...


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